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During the pandemic’s lockdowns, instructor-led training either stopped-or it went online

Daniel JonesTraining and Development ManagerSwarovskiProfileDaniel Jones has over 30 years of experience in developing and delivering learning..

During the pandemic’s lockdowns, instructor-led training either stopped-or it went online

    Daniel Jones

    • Training and Development Manager

    • Swarovski


    Daniel Jones has over 30 years of experience in developing and delivering learning programs for a global audience. In addition to a BA and MBA in international business, Dan holds certificates in training and human resources development and technical communication. As a dual US-Swiss citizen based near Zurich, Dan speaks German, French, and his native English.

    In his free time, he enjoys hiking and biking, listening to podcasts, and sampling Swiss chocolate.

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    What are the main long-term impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic on the field of Learning and Talent Development?

    During the pandemic’s lockdowns, instructor-led training either stopped—or it went online. We all scrambled to adapt our classroom courses and ourselves for online delivery. And after some trial and error—and lots of practice in front of the web camera—we did it successfully. We’ll see virtual instructor-led training continue to dominate our training schedules.

    Do you think WFH will be a part of the company policy in the future, post-COVID-19? What kind of strategies or approaches need to be adopted by companies to allow their employees to work remotely?

    Yes, working from home—or working from anywhere—will be a policy of successful companies. Most colleagues I speak with want to continue to work from home a few days a week. And those seeking new jobs are insisting that a “work from anywhere” option is part of their contract. Companies need to trust their employees to get their work done and base success on performance rather than hours on the job.

    Workforces that have used the COVID-19 pandemic as an opportunity to learn and adapt have been crucial for organisations survival. What are your top learnings from COVID-19?

    Teams can get as much—or even more—work done when working remotely. But they need to right tools and attitudes in place. Tools are simple: Companies can provide the hardware and software employees need to work remotely. Attitudes are more challenging. Managers must learn to manage and motivate remote teams. And team members must agree on how they will communicate and work with others across the table, across town, or across the world.

    What have been some of the most effective ways you have been building organizational culture across a remote workforce?

    We encourage teams to include the social aspects of face-to-face meetings in their virtual meetings. That means arriving early, sharing video, chatting about non-business topics, and celebrating successes. We’ve also set up a system to connect employees from different departments and locations in “virtual coffee breaks.”

    Senior leaders are holding virtual monthly business updates with live question-and-answer sessions so we all know how our business is doing. We’re using our intranet to share more corporate news via video, pictures, and short articles—and pointing employees to these stories in weekly email newsletters sent to them in case they missed them.

    What has been a high point for you during the last year, what reflections can you share?

    Earlier this year, we celebrated the launch of our new brand identity. Due to COVID-19, our planned face-to-face celebrations at each location turned into a global virtual celebration that brought employees from our stores, factories, warehouses, and offices together for a virtual party. The entire event for over 25,000 employees was planned and managed remotely by the project team, showing that almost anything can be achieved virtually with the right tools, people, and attitudes.

    Daniel Jones, will be speaking at ATD 2021 European Summit (delivered virtually on 15-16 November 2021).

    Daniel will speak about ‘Efficiently Using Blended Learning Approaches for Immersive Classrooms’. In the session, he will touch:

    • Creating a balanced blended learning model for a multicultural workforce
    • Driving digital transformation through incorporating adaptable learning technologies in the company culture to increase capabilities
    • Identifying needs-based solutions over purely technology-based methods for learning, and finding the balance between human-centred and technology-aided learning for L&D strategies

    Download brochure to find out more about the event, topics, and full speaker lineup.

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